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The traumatizing attack of 9/11 had a disruptive effect on the U.S. economy, damaging many industries. Though the catastrophic crash left an indelible impact on many organizations, a few of them successfully managed to rise again like the phoenix. American Information Technology Corporation (AITC) was one of the companies to have survived against such odds and withstood the test of time. The Texas-based enterprise is a provider of IT services and solutions for companies operating in a multitude of industries. "Since its inception, our company has shown immense resilience to changes and tectonic shifts that occurred in the realm of technology market," beams Ramki Chebrolu, CEO of AITC as he reminisce the industrial transformations ever since the dotcom bubble and events of major market downswings. Being well grounded in technology, Chebrolu notes, "The IT industry in general, comprises of organizations that need tireless backing from service providers to support their growth trajectories. AITC using its global resource base, aids companies to transform into big multimillion dollar corporations by augmenting the efforts of their information system development professionals on time- and business-critical systems."

American Information Technology Corporation (AITC) was incorporated in the State of Iowa in 1995 to provide high-quality IT Solutions to US corporations. AITC story is one that epitomizes the most successful of companies in the IT industry. From its inception AITC has confounded the experts by its continued growth through the most difficult of times.

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Thanks to the vision and direction of its core staff, AITC has carefully navigated the serious pitfalls so many competitors have encountered. AITC has continued to expand its operations.


AITC is now an international company with offices in Dallas, Texas and offshore development center in Hyderabad, India. AITC augments the efforts of clients information systems development professionals on time-critical and business-critical systems with its global resource base.


AITC has been providing high-quality, process-based software products/solutions to Fortune 500 clients for more than a decade with core service offerings centered around:

  • Custom Application Development and Enhancements
  • Maintenance, Testing and Support Services for Applications, Systems and Software
  • Customization, Implementation and Migration of Packaged Software

AITC offers flexible customer-centric software services, ROI-based business solutions, value-based technology, and strategic consulting, with the goal of lowering the total cost of ownership for IT initiatives and operations.


AITC offers deep domain expertise in three key verticals Telecom, Banking and Insurance Services, as well as Manufacturing and Distribution. AITC is the preferred solution provider for companies looking for a more efficient, cost-effective approach as well as the utilization of offshore technical support and development.